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SETAC | The IMPREP conducts surveys in Puerto Vallarta for future prevention campaigns
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The IMPREP conducts surveys in Puerto Vallarta for future prevention campaigns

The IMPREP conducts surveys in Puerto Vallarta for future prevention campaigns

Last Saturday, October 20, a meeting with a group of young people from the LGBT community between the ages of 15 and 35 years old, of the LGBT population was held in Setac. The purpose was to give out carry out an anonymous informational survey through anonymous surveys with very specific questions prepared and analyzed by experts from the IMPrEP program, as well as professionals from the United Nations Fund (UNFPA), the Condesa clinic and the Mexico Vivo Foundation. The goal was to learn about the participant’s perceptions of HIV, and the risks and fears that arise from misinformation.

The IMPrEP program, which is the consortium that develops the PREP implementation project in Brazil, Peru and Mexico, is carrying out focus groups to know the campaign’s target audience.This is being conducted through the civil association “Mexico Vivo” and the communication agency “Ceda el Paso”.

Puerto Vallarta has been selected as one of the main destinations to carry out these focus groups with the objective of obtaining information. This information will be used i to create the necessary communication strategies to effectively promote the program, andin this effort, Setac plays a very important role in channelling these activities.

The communication specialist, Marco Antonio Palet Sánchez,who specialized in strategic communication and prevention campaigns for sexual and reproductive health issues is the legal representative for the communication agency “Ceda el Paso”. He gave an interview to the press area of ​​Setac to inform them of the scope of these focus groups that are being carried out in different areas of the Mexican Republic.

Marco Antonio Palet Sánchez stated that in the framework of the IMPrEP program, the objective of the meeting with young people is to know the target audience to which the messages will be directed on the promotion of PREP among populations that are key to control the epidemic of HIV. Moreover, he said that “in the focus groups, we review opinions of marketing, image layout, taste, and how to improve communication, because before the start of the campaign we want to try out some graphic materials and test the opinion of these people to seeIf they are in agreement or would like to see the graphics, because it is a very focused campaign, it is not massive, but it is going to be found in very specific areas “.

The information gathered in these focus groups is included in a report that will be sent to the IMPrEP program for the next communication campaigns.

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