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SETAC | SETAC Benefits from Oxxo’s Change Rounding Program
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SETAC Benefits from Oxxo’s Change Rounding Program

Have you ever wondered if Oxxo’s Change Rounding Proram really works? Presently, SETAC is the beneficiary organization in our region, and we recently had the opportunity to witness up close the way in which Oxxo operates their Social Responsibility Program (PRO), which in turn, allows us to impress upon you the importance of supporting it.

Oxxo began PRO in 2002 with their rounding program, which encourages clients to round their change to the nearest peso at any Oxxo, allowing the cents to accumulate in favor of institutions that work to better our community. To date, over 700 institutions in 60 cities around Mexico have benefited from the program, receiving over $270 millions MXN, allowing them to continue with their programs.

In order to make the program work, Oxxo designates regional committees that process applications from non-profit organizations interested in being PRO beneficiaries. In SETAC’s case, we received a visit from  Miriam Berenice Huante Pineda, Human Resources Director for Oxxo in Puerto Vallarta. She had the opportunity to tour our Community Center and learn about our programs and projects. Once she confirmed that an organization meets all their criteria, all applications are sent to Monterrey, N.L., where Oxxo’s Social Responsibility Committee reviews all applications and determines the beneficiary organization schedule.

Grupo Bennu, A.C., receives their check from Oxxo.

Each organization becomes a recipient of the change rounding program for three months, and it is each organization’s responsibility to visit Oxxo branches directly to acquaint employees at each store of its programs and projects. In SETAC’s case, Fernando Martínez Munguía, HIV Test Coordinator for SETAC, has been visiting Oxxo stores in the region to connect directly with their employees.

Once the beneficiary period is over, each organization must organize a small festivity, with three specific goals: to receive the funds that were raised from Oxxo, to acknowledge and award Oxxo stores that managed to raise the highest amount, and to “pass the baton” to the next beneficiary organization.

SETAC Director, Paco Arjona, explains SETAC’s programs and projects as he “receives” the baton from Grupo Bennu, A.C.

SETAC :”received the baton” from Grupo Bennu, A.C., a support group for women with cancer. During the celebration, we saw first hand the importance of the change rounding program, and its effectiveness to support organizations such as SETAC.

SETAC will be the beneficiary organization for Oxxo’s Change Rounding Program through the months of June and July. Please keep this in mind as you make purchases at an Oxxo near you.

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