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HIV rapid test

Rapid tests are methods for the detection of antibodies to acquired immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) in serum, plasma or total blood and oral fluid, resulting in a few minutes. If a reactive result is obtained this must be confirmed.

Condom Distribuition

Distribution of preventive devices such as condoms, lubricants and brochures to all sectors of the population including: men who have sex with men, sex workers: men, women and transgenders, IDU (Injecting Drug Users) as well as established meeting places, bars, clubs and other establishments.

Education and Prevention Workshops

Offered at schools, businesses or at places otherwise requested, we provide workshops to educate the population on how to avoid risks.

Counselor Training

Training for people to provide counseling, rapid testing and test result delivery in a trusting, friendly manner, to become health promoters at SETAC.


We provide psychological counseling to the population at large, particularly to those living with HIV, in order to support their emotional state.

Self-help groups for people living with HIV as a fundamental therapeutic aid to achieve acceptance, development and better quality of life.

S.O.S. Adherence

We offer support to people who for different reasons health institutions do not give them their medication on time to continue in adherence.

Also this service is provided to foreigners who decide to extend their stay in Puerto Vallarta and do not have the necessary dose to do it.

All this under the supervision and guidance of CAPASITS Puerto Vallarta.