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SETAC | Meet our Staff: Fernando Martinez
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Meet our Staff: Fernando Martinez

Fernando began working on HIV prevention and treatment almost two decades ago in Mexico City, through the non-profit La Casa de La Sal, where he worked with HIV-positive children. Since then, he has not steered away from this important mission.

He came to SETAC less than three years ago after nine years collaborating with Puerto Vallarta’s Municipal Committee for HIV/AIDS Prevention (COMUSIDA). “My work at SETAC is 100 percent prevention,” he comments. “I work directly with the local community, encouraging them to schedule an HIV test through counseling and lectures.” He is also in charge of organizing the health fairs that the Community Center periodically schedules in key points throughout Puerto Vallarta, along with the condom distribution program at LGBTQ bars and nightclubs in the city.

“I love my work because, when we are able to tear down barriers of trust that allow people to share their most intimate questions and concerns with us, we are able to truly offer them the chance to improve their lives and empower them with the necessary information to take responsible decisions as far as their sexual health is concerned.”

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