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SETAC | About Us
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What We Do

Our Philosophy

We are an organization where every employee, client and donor is welcome as part of our team. Together, we are committed to reducing HIV in Jalisco’s coastal area and Banderas Bay, Nayarit.

We participate in activities with positive social impact, fostering solidarity, fraternity, union and service, through equality and respect for everyone.

SETAC-Puerto-Vallarta-jalisco philosophy


SETAC is an organization devoted to eradicating HIV and other sexually transmitted infections in Jalisco’s coastal region and Banderas Bay, Nayarit, through education and behavior modification that encourages responsible sexual health decisions.


To be the benchmark center for prevention, detection and networking of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections in Jalisco’s coastal region and Banderas Bay, Nayarit.

Our Values


We maintain an ethical stance towards any client, regardless of his/her sexual, economical or social condition.


We are eager to help resolve any need that falls within our guidelines and procedures.


We have unswerving drive to deliver in our projects to benefit everyone.


We know how to value the interests and needs of any other individual as a unique entity.


Every person that works, donates, or requires a service is an important link for the greater good.


We foster a healthy relationship among all, developing affection, union and connection.


We acknowledge and share obligations, interests and ideals to help others through support, fraternity and empathy.